5-things that you will relate to if you were raised by a single parent!

5-things that you will relate to if you were raised by a single parent

Being a single parent is difficult.  Being raised by a single parent is even more difficult yet amazing and fun too!

Here’s to all those awesome single parents who teach their kids to be independent and strong!

You understand the value of money and can differentiate between ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’ You know securing your future is more important than buying a dress at Zara.

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Gender roles are a myth for you. You can deal with plumbers, masons or sew a button by hand with the same ease!

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Basic household maintenance is not a struggle. You can clean the fans; clear the cobwebs and do the pocha-all by yourself.

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Your decisions, whims & fancies revolve around one person. Whenever you need to take a crucial decision, you always think about your parent and its impact on him/her.

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You understand that perfection doesn’t exist in real life and it is the thought that counts. You understood much earlier in your life that attending official meetings were more important for your parent than coming to your basketball game or dance rehearsals. 

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They did a good job raising you, don’t you agree? Juggling jobs and try to keep a conducive atmosphere for kids at home, they sacrificed their good times to raise you this fine! It is your turn to make them happy and feel secure.

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