5-Things that hurt like hell if you are in your 30s

5-Things that hurt like hell if you are in your 30s

Once you turn 30, so many things that were non-existent and not aware of, start forming the big picture. Besides the insane pressure of your loved ones for getting married,  deep down, there are several things that trouble and nudge you – much like screaming on the inside.

Arey, 30 ka ho gaya!



The wake up call,if you may! There is Lionel  Messi, who has it all in his 20s and there are you, who can’t figure out what to do with yourself!


Money Matters

Aaj ke time mein maa bhi chahiye and paisa bhi! After all, who doesn’t want to fulfill today’s needs and secure future’s expectations?

The Mann ki Karne wala Monday!


Every working person’s nightmare! The loop nobody comes out from before the retirement!

YOLO suna that, what on the Earth is JOMO!


Accept it that you are so last century! The millennials are ruling now. Your reaction to their language is exactly similar to your father’s when he used to hear YOLO or FOMO from your mouth!

Traffic, Naukri and Chhokri!

Your life in a nutshell!

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