5 Things in life that you’re in denial about needing!

5 Things in life that you’re in denial about needing

Being in Denial is a human tendency which many a times, ends up in terrible results. “My son can secure the first position. He just needs to concentrate.” “So what if I have been coughing for a week now? It’s nothing serious.” Accept it, you do this all the time.

So, here are 5 things in life you maybe in denial about needing.

1.Hobby/ Passion


“My job is the only activity I need!”. Even if you love your job, you should always engage in an activity which lets you switch off, de-stress and basically make you even more productive at work. It could be painting, cycling, reading, singing or even as simple as playing with your pets or caring for your plants. It should engage your mind in the least stressful way.

2. Exercising


“I am thin. I don’t need to exercise.” False! We all do. (Although if you are overweight, you probably need it even more!) In today’s world where most of our jobs involve sitting in a chair for long hours in front of the computer screen, working out and eating right has become even more important. Regular exercising increases your energy levels, improves your skin, bone and muscle health, helps you relax, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and has several other benefits..

3. Satisfying Job



“I just need the money. I will get used to the deep discomfort and /or dissatisfaction with time.” Don’t do it just for the money. Yes, there is no denying the fact that money is a very important factor in leading the lifestyle of your choice but your happiness is much more important than money. It is necessary to find a job that you love. Only then, can you do it wholeheartedly to the best of your potential as well as excel in the field. Money will eventually come if you excel. On the other hand, if you are doing something which you hate, you won’t be able to do it with as much conviction and sincerity. Thus, making you lose out on the most important thing in life- Happiness.

4. Sleep and Occasional Breaks


“I can work for 15 hours straight, without any break.” You shouldn’t do it much less brag about it.. Value your health above any project deadline that you need to meet. Take occasional breaks while working for long hours in your seat. Take your sleeping hours very seriously. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day to let your body relax after all the hard work that you do so you can give your best at work the next day.

5. Insurance


“Why do I need insurance? Come on, nothing is happening to me!” While it’s good to be positive there are some things that are out of your control. We wish you a happy and healthy life, but it is always better to have some financial security for your family as a preparation for the worst case scenarios. Insurance offers you financial protection against all probable risks in life. Apart from signing up for the extremely important life insurance and health insurance, you should also consider other insurances like motor insurance that are designed to protect the things you value and cherish.

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