5 signs that show you are getting your happily ever after!

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Congratulations! Whether you have taken the plunge just now and still creating some space for your spouse in the wardrobe, or it has been some time together – a happily ever after is always yearned for!

Here are 5 signs that show that the odds are definitely in your favour!

It is more than physical intimacy.

When your emotional intimacy doesn’t take time to catch up with the physical chemistry you share together, then it is indeed a good sign. Of course, it is more than just completing each other’s sentences. It is about understanding each other’s state of the minds and emotions.

You think about ‘our’ future together.

You are thinking about a family of your own and making them feel comfortable and secured even when you aren’t around! This means spending time exploring options galore of investments and leaving no stone unturned to make this happen!

You support your spouse.

You aren’t a speed breaker in the progress or career of your spouse, but a supporting and encouraging partner. Be it about making a professional decision or nurturing a hobby or a skill set, you always lend an ear and suggest them accordingly without imposing your decision on them.

You aren’t shy of making adjustments.

Two people, two different mindsets and two different patterns of habits! However, the mantra is not to get too keyed up with the habits of your spouse that you don’t like. Being open-minded and adapting helps, rather than forcing others to behave as per your wish.

You look forward to being together.


Your days of catching up with your friends and spending the weekends over drinks are officially over! You try to wrap up work as soon as possible and want to be with them! The excitement and the yearning to spend quality time with your partner is insatiable and unending!

A happily ever after with your special someone can be created and worked towards! If you find yourself lacking in some department, you can always work on it and have a happily ever after destined for you!

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