5-struggles of being single that every single boy and girl will relate to!

Let Science Tell You How Being Single Will Make You More Healthy

Being single in the world of couples isn’t easy. The world isn’t exactly wired for the people who live by their rules and own choices. Here are not one, but 5 things that every single out there struggle with!

Why so serious?

Though you like your freedom and singledom, you have a fair understanding of your responsibilities too, however, this tiny, weeny thing seems to be incomprehensible for the folks at home.  These are the same people who would frown and accuse you of overthinking if tomorrow too, these are the people who would ask you to live your life a little! Gaah!

The Nation wants to know!

Yeah, talk about irony and its slow death at the hands of these relatives. While they aren’t ready to accept that since you are earning and capable to plan your future financially, they would do everything to embarrass you with this burning question!

Aap kya ho? Ji, main kandha hun. 

This dialogue from Tanu Weds Manu-2 comes to haunt you everytime a friend comes to cry! Literally on your shoulder.

Jaane kya hoga Rama re!

Because you have walked in on your friends.

The talaash of that special person

Does it ever end? Every time you meet someone through your parents or on Tinder, you wonder if he or she is the one.

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