5 Signs That You Are Being Manipulated

Being manipulated is never a good thing. It makes you vulnerable to being taken advantage of and destroys your sense of security. Manipulation is majorly psychological- it can be both mental and emotional and sometimes either one. To identify if you are actually being manipulated can be exceedingly tough especially when that manipulation comes from a loved one or whom you thought was a loved one but is probably not- you never know if their actions are germinating from genuine intentions or with the intention of controlling and manipulating you.  However, there are a few signs that are highly indicative of the fact that you are being manipulated one way or the other. These being;

How to Find That You Are Being Manipulated

1. You Are Being Played Emotionally

Manipulators love to play with emotions. They will first try to know you through and through and then use your emotional weaknesses to get to their means. When the relationship -whether it is a friendship or romantic relationship- is in the initial stages of development they will try to hook you in with engaging behaviours and conversations. Once you are in it fully, they will slowly but surely shift the focal point of the relationship onto them. Your mind will become the manipulator’s play-area.

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2. You Are Always On The Wrong End

A common trope of a manipulator is to make you look like the bad guy in all situations no matter who has actually been the perpetrator of the incident. They will twist their words, they will twist your words-basically anything to get them out of the sticky spot and put you there instead. They can even go to the extent of completely dismissing the fact that they may have made certain statements or state that the meaning of the statement was deciphered wrongly by you because you have a twisted mind. They do this in order to instil self-doubt in you. But don’t let yourself be fooled the next time.

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3. Emotional Outbursts

Manipulators tend to get extremely impatient and hyperactive if things are not moving according to their desired pace. When that happens they will resort to sudden and violent or abusive emotional outbursts to break you down. The various forms of emotional outbursts include crying, fits of uncontrollable and other unexplained crazy reactions. These behaviours will make you question the situation and yourself and will tug at your emotions very hard.

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4. Leaving You In The Dark

Another potent weapon of every seasoned manipulator is that of using the cold shoulder. Once they understand that you are refusing to do their bidding or are questioning their actions they will turn the entire situation around in their favour in order to make you feel bad about yourself deeply by just cutting you off completely. When this occurs, you, as a person, will try everything in your power to make up to the manipulator, even going to the extent of apologizing for an incident that was probably not even your fault. The only trick to breaking away from the harmful clutches of a manipulator is to firmly get across to them that you are not a weak individual and you will not be broken down by their emotional games.

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6. They Hook You With Sweet Talk

Manipulators move fast and swiftly and in order to do that they use smooth talk and charm. They will draw in on your attention by playing on your interest areas. This is how they gain your trust and try to form a false sense of a bond. By doing this they can easily use the emotions of the victim when the time comes for their own interests. Manipulators also struggle to keep their image crystal clear and try to form alliances with good associations in order to cover their true underlying motives.

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As stated earlier on in the article, manipulators can be extremely dangerous-they can either cause you bodily harm or can cause you emotional trauma. The chances of you going through emotional hell are higher because manipulators thrive on using people’s emotions to their advantage. Be aware of what is probably happening to you. Although you may not be able to prevent such a situation from occurring in the first place you can deal with the situation better if you have already invested in a health insurance. By doing that, the insurance will take care of your medical needs if the emotional trauma also causes your health to falter.

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