5-signs that show you are ready to marry!

Are you ready for it?

The times are a-changing and societal pressures aren’t any more a reason to get married. Be it a man or woman, one wants to tie the knot when one is ready! If you are confused about your decision or want to double check before you take the plunge, here is the list that tells you if you are ready to walk down the aisle or not!

You don’t have any problem with being ‘alone.’

Most of the people get married or commit to a relationship because they feel scared of loneliness. However, being alone is a holistic and happy state. It is a feeling when you are at ease with who you are. If you are ready to share your alone time with a companion, then congratulations, you are definitely going to be an amazing life partner.

You know that there is no such thing as ‘perfection.’

Good that you have moved on and know that perfection is a myth. Like the Japanese principle of design, wabi-sabi, a person’s imperfections make him / her beautiful and unique.

You aren’t scared of adjustments.

There is no inflated ego and power play in the sight! Both of you are okay with the changes and adjustments you would need to make your partner feel at ease and comfortable.

You are a step ahead.

One Step Ahead

If you see your partner as a part of your future, it is indeed bright. If you have made arrangements to brace yourself and your partner against the unforeseen events and mitigate the financial risks, then you are all geared up for the next phase!

You are motivated by love.

Love is in the air.

Of all things, you want to feel loved and give love! There is nothing else that should matter. The ticking biological clock, age factor or the parental pressure should be thrown out of the window and should not be concern for you.

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