5 Scientific Reasons Why A Breakup May Make You Hit The Rock Bottom

5 Scientific Reasons Why A Breakup May Make You Hit The Rock Bottom

Breakups are always hard and upsetting,

especially if you have been in the relationship for quite a long time. You not only get involved with your partner romantically but form an unbreakable emotional bond with him as well. Although it may have been a while since you have broken up, you still find it hard to keep him or her off your mind. The more you try to accept the reality, the more you are stuck in denial and you feel like your whole world has fallen apart.

Here are 5 scientific reasons why a breakup may make you hit the rock bottom –

1. You feel left alone

 The initial days after a breakup are probably the most painful and difficult to deal with. Most people prefer staying indoors, alone in their own little space. Talking to friends and family does not seem like an option. You refuse to take calls; do not like to step out of the house. If your best friend is willing to take you out to your favorite food joint, you will most likely decline the offer because of the many fond memories you have with your partner at the same place. You slowly detach and isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

2. Depression builds up

 Isolation and depression always go hand-in-hand. The more you detach yourself from the world, the sooner it will grasp you. It is unusual for you to spend hours listening to melancholic songs or going through pictures reminiscing about the good old days. Strangely enough, you end up torturing yourself and fall into the pit of depression. This may continue for weeks and months and before you know it, you find yourself seeking help through therapy and anti-depressants.

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3. You lose friends and family

The longer you stay together, the more you bond with each other’s family and friends. As your relationship grows, your familial and social circles collide. You end up spending more time with the same group of people your partner hangs out with- their friends, their family and relatives become your closed ones too. However, once you decide to part ways, you not only breakup with your loved one, but also lose touch with their family and friends which makes it a much greater loss.

adult, beautiful, blur4.  You lose interest in life

 Initially, after a breakup, the only thing you can probably think of is the reason behind it. You are likely to question yourself about what went wrong and where. In this process, you gradually lose interest in other events happening around you. Be it a family function or meeting your friends or catering to your workplace tasks- you simply stop caring about everything else.

black-and-white, depressed, depression5.  Your health deteriorates

As much as it affects you emotionally, breakups can also be physically straining. You tend to lose your appetite or stop eating at all. Sometimes you binge eat unhealthy foods and drinks while going through an emotional turmoil. Your depression triggers insomnia. You spend nights lying awake on your bed, thinking about old times, probably crying yourself to sleep. All these take a huge toll on your health before you even realize it.

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Breakups are unexpected and may come as a shock. Although it takes some time to face the truth, you will eventually learn how to move on. Talking about the several unforeseen realities of life, you never know what life has in store for you. Therefore, a smarter way of coping with the unanticipated shocks is to invest in life insurance or health insurance plan. This way, you can always keep yourself and your loved ones financially protected.

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