5 Most Telling Signs That Your Partner Is Not Happy With You

5 Most Telling Signs That Your Partner Is Not Happy With You

Be it a long-term relationship or a nascent one, they all need a lot of effort and work on part of both the partners to keep it not just going but to make it blossom. And even after giving it your all, you may sometimes feel that all is not well in your relationship. It is not possible for everyone to sneak a peek into their partner’s head, heart, and mind. Therefore, you have to read between the lines to comprehend how your partner truly feels. This sort of mental exercise can be taxing; however, it will only ensure true happiness for you in the end. So, trust your gut, make sure that there remains no communication gap, and be receptive to all the signs, however subtle they might be, that indicate your partner’s unhappiness that stems from being in a relationship. To help you out, we present the list of 5 sure-fire ways for gauging your partner’s real feelings.

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 They Have Random Mood Swings

If your partner is exhibiting unfathomable shifts in behavior all of a sudden, it might imply a shift in feelings as well. When everything seems to be going well and he/she stops responding to your text messages or stops taking your calls unexpectedly, it is a sign of things not being hunky-dory. If your partner always has some commitment or the other suddenly crop up at the time of dates, you should understand that his/her feelings have probably changed and they are trying to figure things out for themselves.

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 They Have Developed A Short Temper

Has your typically even-tempered partner been losing his cool quite frequently? If the answer is yes, you better take a good, hard look at your relationship. For starters, no one has the right to vent his or her anger and direct it towards you in a harsh way, so you better address it right away. The majority of life coaches are of the opinion that a considerable shift in patience indicates incompatibility, something that is hindering the smooth sailing of your relationship.

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The Relationship Is Not Moving Forward

It takes some time for this sign to become apparent, but when it does, you should address it without wasting any time. All relationships usually follow a natural flow- romantic dates progress to meeting families and friends, traveling to new places together, and then planning for the future which obviously includes being on the same page about family, career objectives, financial planning, and a lot of other factors. For instance, if your partner seems not at all interested in aligning their financial goals with your financial objectives, then it is possible that he/she is not feeling happy in the relationship. While you might be a pragmatic person thinking about investing in a ULIP to ensure long-term financial stability, your partner might be a more live-in-the-moment sort of a person. He/she might feel that you are trying to impose your financial decisions on them, thus resulting in resentment and unhappiness.

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 They Have Become Extremely Nitpicky

While it is not reasonable to expect the honeymoon period to continue forever, it is also not normal for your partner to find a fault with everything you ever do. If this has become a regular behavioral pattern, then it is likely that he/she is genuinely unhappy in the relationship. However, this crankiness might also stem from dissatisfaction at work or something else bugging them. So, make sure that you dig deep enough to know the real reason behind your partner’s behavior and act accordingly.

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 You Have Lost Touch Physically

You must also pay attention to whatever is happening in the bedroom. Lowered interest in sexual activities can be a significant sign of your partner’s unhappiness. A drop in physical intimacy is not considered normal when it comes to relationships. Be it inside the bedroom or outside of it, if you are lacking in physical rapport as a couple, it might be time to have an honest talk with your partner.

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Therefore, if you are not happy with your partner’s behavior towards you, look for these signs to see if your relationship is slowly going downhill.

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