5 Millennial Trends You Must Avoid At All Costs

“Trend” in itself is a very millennial term. Not that trends didn’t exist before, or that they weren’t followed. But they had a much longer gestation period. A trend would develop and be noticed over a considerable period of time. However, with the advent and widespread reach of social media, trends have become pervasive and all-encompassing yardsticks by which the worth of things is calculated. This creates some pitfalls one must be careful to avoid.

Here are five trends of the millennial generation one must avoid at all costs.

 1. Word-Of-Mouth

The future is digital and when you are buying everything from your basic groceries to clothing and jewellery online, you start relying heavily on customer reviews. These days, nothing is good or worthwhile unless a hundred other people say that it is. There is no room for personal style, not when the aim is to look like the woman or the man whose “look” is trending all over social media. The biggest trend amongst the millennial is their absolute refusal to try something new.

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2. Everything Is In Good Faith

The belief that everything is what it seems on screen is something that we have come to take for granted. Whether it be the clothes we purchase online or the food we order using the app on our phones. Or the lives we envy based on the pictures uploaded on Instagram and other social media sites. We assume that what we see is what we will get.  We do not read between the lines or look for the fine print. With the steady rise of “influencers” amongst the millennial, the opinion and tastes of a select few validate the merit of something. And this has lead to a herd mentality that is all the more frightening for being so prevalent.

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 3. Instant Gratification

Millennials have difficulty engaging in any pursuit that is not immediately gratifying. Anything that doesn’t bring in results in an instant. Whether it be friendships or job opportunities, the need to put in the hard work and paying one’s dues seems like an alien concept. Especially with instant messaging and fast downloads and easy availability of everything, millennials often become exasperated and aren’t comfortable with letting a thing play out to its full potential.

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4. FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

The biggest flaw amongst the millennial generation is that of comparison. Our tendency to judge ourselves on the basis of someone else’s highlights. A constant sharing and curating of moments that are geared towards the creation of an image. A polished image that is free of edges and warts that represent a lived life. And while we are doing that, we forgo actually living.

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 5. Health Care Is For Oldies

There is a prevalent misconception amongst most millennials that health and medical care are problems of the distant future. It’s something that should be a consideration when you are well past the prime of your life. Another big mistake that millennials make is to think that things like health and life insurance are outrageously expensive. When in fact, these are two of the smartest investment choices that one can make. They delay taking their health and well-being seriously for far too long, much to their own detriment.

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The fact of the matter is that millennials make up the bulk of the upwardly mobile, educated, workforce. Their ideas and practices of today are set to define the future. An important part of controlling that future is to understand and rectify any mistake that is being made.

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