5-lies all women have grown up with and need to get over

5-lies all women have grown up with and need to get over

Women, women, women- before you proceed to break the proverbial glass ceiling, there are a few things that you would be looking to break for good!

These lies are prevalent in the social conditioning and are usually taken as OKAY when actually they aren’t!

You are fat!


The obligation of certain body type is pushing hundreds of girls into the bottomless pit of anorexia, fad diets and miracle pills.  Rather than keeping the focus on being healthy, our focus for our girls has always been on slim so that they can find a good groom later on!

You are NOT fair!

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India’s obsession with ‘fair’ isn’t new. A few shades darker means humiliation and unnecessary pressure for them.

You don’t have to be financially independent once you are married!

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In our society, a woman’s education and her financial freedom are valid only until she gets married. After that, everything she wants or requires is based on her husband’s whims and fancies. A human being dependent on other even for a small requirement, despite being capable and educated, isn’t fair.

You don’t need insurance!

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In India, only 17 percent have health insurance and the fact that it is seen as a male thing, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Besides, a man is usually the breadwinner and the rest of family members, as if, don’t count! Irrespective of whether a woman earns or not, her life matters and she contributes to the household.

You need to get settled!


Or rather, when are you being settled? Doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, how many medals you have won or how many figures your salary is in! If you aren’t married, you need to get married. If you are married, you have to have kids! That’s your ultimate purpose to be a woman!

Or maybe not! There can’t be a better thing than a woman looking out for another woman! Let’s look out for each other, women!

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