5 Key Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

5 Key Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

Recent studies show that we are not necessarily required to eat meat to stay healthy and fit. On the contrary, it has been proved that a vegetarian diet can reduce the chances of the development of certain diseases and disorders. Today, we are going to address the topic of vegetarianism from the point of view of good health and fruitful living.

Vegetarianism can be divided into various categories. Many people stick to only a plant-based diet, which excludes the consumption of eggs and dairy products, while many eat vegetarian foods along with dairy products and eggs. Among the two, people who depend on strictly plant-based diet, stand a higher chance of retaining good health according to doctors and nutritionists. It is because vegetarianism is equivalent to lower calories, zero amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. A person who only eats vegetarian food receives a great measurement of fibres, vitamins, and antioxidants on a daily basis. Plants also contain a good amount of potassium, magnesium, folate, Vitamin C and E, which are necessary elements for the well-being of the body. Here are some of the key benefits of vegetarian food habits:

5 Key Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

 1. No Meat Is Equal To No Cholesterol

Plants induce the increase of good cholesterol in the body, while meat, especially red meat, is responsible for inflating the amount of bad cholesterol. When you have more cholesterol in your body you stand at a high risk of developing life-threatening disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and even cancer! Therefore, go green, not just from the perspective of an environmentalist, but also from the health angle.

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2. Plants Help You Stay Lean

People who strictly maintain a plant-based diet, which excludes many high-calorie dairy products, usually are able to retain a very desirable body weight. Obesity leads to the development of many diseases like respiratory disorders, gallstones, gout, cardiovascular ailments and the list goes on. Meat is one of the leading causes of obesity, and it is not as if you cannot make tasty meals out of vegetables. Therefore, go lean with green and widen your life expectancy.

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3.  Vegetarian Food Means No Food Poisoning And No Stomach Pain

In most of the cases, deli meat or cold cuts lead to food poisoning. In addition, the hormones and the antibiotics that are injected into the animals go into our bodies when we eat their flesh. These components are harmful to our overall health. Plants also are sprayed with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. However, when we boil the vegetables well, the impurities are washed away and are replaced with only the best of the plant.

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4. Meat Is Not The Only Potent Source Of Protein

A very good explanation that all meat-eaters provide is that meat contains a lot of protein. That is a valid explanation. Meat does contain a lot of protein, but so do plants, and what makes them better is that they do not leave adverse effects on the body like meat does. Some of the plants that contain a great amount of protein are rice, beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, grains. If you maintain a balanced diet and make sure that the foods remain well distributed in your diet throughout the day, your body will receive the correct amount of protein.

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5. Eat Vegetables And Say Goodbye To Kidney Stones

If your urine pH level is too high, you become very likely to develop kidney stones. Meat consumption on a regular basis increases the level of pH. However, vegetables help to keep it at a normal level. So, your renal function remains strong.

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Vegetarian diet surely increases a person’s life expectancy, but it does not provide one, the power of immortality. In fact, nothing can. No matter what we do, our engine inevitably stops at one point of time. Though we have no power over death, we can adopt certain measures that would make our demise a little less debilitating for those who love us. A life insurance is something that would ensure the safety of your family even after an unforeseen event takes you away from them.

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