5-important tips to make a modern marriage work!

Making your marriage work!

Modern marriages need modern advice.  We are living in times when most of us consider marriage a redundant institution. If at all, you have decided to take the plunge, it is better to have a go at it with updated recommendations and suggestions that do not come from your grandmother!

Pote / poti ki shakl kab dikaoge

Kids- To be or not to be

It is time to ask your grandmother to take a hike. Having a kid is a huge responsibility. Along with the bundle of joy, come a bucketload of responsibility including her career and education. Do you know that an MBA in a premier institute might cost 40 lakhs in 15 years from now? Are you ready for this?

You aren’t in a relationship with Netflix or your phone! 

Digital Detox

Digital detox might sound really easy but it is not! The temptation of consuming content is higher than ever but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your ‘us’ time together!

Think about money

Money Matters

Irrespective of both of you been working and having money to splurge, you can’t underestimate the importance of money for future.  With future, your requirements would grow exponentially and this is why your money should grow too!

Say ‘Sorry’ and ‘I love you’ 

Convey your emotions

You shouldn’t feel ashamed or hesitate to speak your mind and convey your emotions. Being transparent is the key to a long, healthy relationship. Don’t just leave another person on a guessing spree.

Be angry.

Fight your issues

Don’t hesitate to express or convey your feelings when you have a valid reason to do so. Don’t pent yourself up to the point of no return and most importantly, never go to bed with certain thoughts ruining your peace of mind. Taking some time off doesn’t work well in a marriage. Communication about an issue can help you resolve conflicts in a timely fashion.

Getting married and making a marriage work are two different things. It takes work and efforts from both sides to make it happening and keep it alive.








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