5 Important Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

5 Important Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

One of the toughest questions that an interviewee can face is “Do you have any question for us?” If you do not ask any question, the interviewer may end up concluding that either you are unprepared or are not interested in the job. Also, asking the right questions at the right time is like walking on thin ice. You always run the risk of coming across as demanding and nosy. If you ask something too specific, the interviewer may think you are too demanding and nosy. But, if you ask something too generic, they might think that you are asking questions just for the sake of asking questions.

If you are going to appear for a job interview sometime in the near future, here are the 5 questions that you should ask so that you not only come across as prepared and interested but also ensure your own professional and personal well-being.

5 Important Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

 1. What Are The Skills One Needs To Excel In The Job Role?

This is a great question to ask because not only does it help you in comprehending what is expected of you but also helps in identifying what improvements you need to make in your current skill set. It also signals to the interviewer that you are very interested in the job and want to prove your worth to the company.

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2. What Are The Learning And Growth Opportunities Of A Person In This Role?

This question shows the interviewer how interested you are to grow in the company, thus indicating an achiever mindset. Additionally, it also helps you know how career growth works in the organization and will help you get an idea about the professional skills you will acquire along the way.

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3. What Are The Challenges One Might Face In This Role?

This question provides the opportunity to know what difficulties you may face in the job and what might cause them. Additionally, it can be used as a question to enquire about how past issues had been resolved and how to go about such situations during your time at the company.

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 4. What Do You Feel Makes This A Great Place To Work?

This question brings out the personal opinion of the interviewer and what they like about the workplace. This helps in building a rapport between the interviewer and you, making you appear sociable. Additionally, it helps you comprehend, to a certain extent, the company’s culture and values.

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5. What Type Of Health Insurance Does The Company Provide?

Though this is a very important question, you should ask this question somewhere towards the middle or the end of the conservation. Usually, you should pose this question to the HR sighting some issues such as your family circumstances. This will help them answer your query in greater detail as well as provide you with the information you may require to decide whether you need to invest in an additional health insurance policy that provides coverage to your entire family.

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Job Interviews are very critical for the candidate as well as the interviewer. While they help the company determine whether you are the right candidate for the job, they also help you gauge whether the job is the right one for you or not. In this context, you asking the relevant questions is very important for your career as once you take up a job, it stays permanently in your profile. Therefore, apart from knowing how to answer, you must also know what to ask to make an informed decision on taking up a job.

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