5 Features of any Life Insurance scheme perfect for a 15-25 lac annual income!

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It is natural to be unsure of which life insurance policy you should invest in. After all, you are placing the lives of your spouse and children in the hands of this policy and do not want a single hindrance in their happiness. However, when there are so many options available in the market, the process of choosing one that fits your needs can be quite overwhelming.
As a veteran businessman in his 30s, you know that life is filled with uncertainty and only want what is best for your family. Thus, consider the following features of life insurance policies that are perfect for your income bracket and your family:

1. Affordability is key

With a business to run and the growing needs of your family to be taken care of, you know that having more spending power is vital, especially in urban cities. You need to be able to afford all the basics needed for a decent lifestyle, along with any extraneous expenses, and that is certainly not easy in a tier 1 city. The ideal life insurance policy for someone in your income bracket needs to be affordable so that you do not feel the pinch of money debited from your savings account.

2. Customization is ideal

Life is filled with uncertainties and there’s no way you can predict when you will need a cover the most. Therefore, you need to identify your priorities and plan accordingly. Therefore, a single life insurance policy with set restrictions is not as beneficial to you as choosing a policy where you can customize certain features according to your needs. Certain policies can protect you against death, disability, and disease, while others only insure you in the event of one or two. With a policy that can be customized, you can pick and choose what you want to be insured for.

3. Growth is essential

Your needs as a family man and as an individual can fluctuate as you grow. In the midst of all the changes in your family and lifestyle, your policy should be one that can continue to keep up. There are certain life insurance policies that offer to increase their cover as you hit key milestones in your life. When you have a policy that grows with you, you can ensure that your family does not have to compromise on their standards of living or expectations even after you are gone.

4. Measurability is crucial

If you’ve ever paid attention to the sped up voice-overs at the end of an insurance ad, you’ll know that your investments are subject to market risk. Therefore, having a platform where you can measure the performance of your investment is crucial. It can help you gauge how well your funds are growing and anticipate any risks in your future beforehand. This way, you will be armed with foresight and blessed with all the choices you need.

5. Choice of terms is vital

Not all insurance policies or investments are designed to provide a lump sum only when you die. Many insurance plans, such as ULIPs, come with a shorter term so that you have the freedom to use the money you have saved for something else (such as buying a house, sending your child abroad, and so on). A life insurance policy that is ideal for your income bracket needs to offer you flexibility in terms of choosing the term period. This can allow you to design comprehensive financial plans for your life so that you can reach your goals faster.
Finding the right insurance policy for your needs is just a matter of research and patience. This will help you make smarter decisions that lead to brighter futures for everyone at home, come what may.

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