5 Do’s and Don’ts while Planning the Perfect Wedding

5 Do’s and Don’ts while Planning the Perfect Wedding

Everyone has a certain set of expectations when it comes to their wedding day so the planning process can often be rather extensive. With guests from out of town to be accommodated, the perfect photographer yet to be found, and the wedding outfits still being tailored, the stress of planning can drive you crazy when you need your peace the most. This is why we’ve got a list of Do’s and Don’ts for you so that you can enjoy an easier process. To start with, here’s what you should NOT do:

1. Don’t play it by ear

While there are specific elements that we’d like to include in our wedding, there are several miscellaneous costs that we have to consider as well. Deciding to spend recklessly can lead to overspending and unnecessary expenses.

Making comprehensive lists of variables can help you plan better for the future.

2. Don’t get carried away


When you’re close to your wedding date, or still in the planning stage, the wedding will start to feel more and more real. As a result, you may end up focussing on a lot of minor details in the pursuit of the perfect wedding. By striving for something you’ve seen in magazines, Bollywood or lifestyle channels, you may end up making a lot of impulse purchases that you may regret later. Don’t forget, the wedding industry is already highly expensive and you don’t have to add to your financial woes by making purchases that may seem great but ultimately don’t add any value.

Now, that we’ve got the don’ts out of the way, let’s look at what you should do:

1. Book in advance


Whether you are looking at hotel reservations for the guests from out of town, or are pondering over which farmhouse or banquet hall to book for the sangeet, the pheras, etc- you should get these decisions over with in the earlier stages. Booking in advance can save you money as the same venues can increase their tariffs exponentially as the shaadi season approaches.

2. Get your outfits done well before time

During the wedding season, most designers are swamped with multiple orders and a million different specifications for each order. This means that their staff of designers and tailors are overbooked even before the wedding season.. Everyone wants the perfect outfit, and there is tremendous push from all ends to make that happen. If you place an order during this period, the chances are that your order may not be accepted as the designers simply don’t have time. Either that, or there are high chances of a rushed job being done, with your lehenga skirt in red instead of the wine you wanted, or the borders being thicker than what you asked for. Order your outfits well in advance and make sure that your attire is perfect.

3. Budget according to the future


An important part of planning for your wedding is budgeting. If you are aware of your immediate plans for the future post marriage, you can budget your funds accordingly and then plan the wedding. You need to plan for things like your insurance premiums, the health plan you will want to get as a couple and the other financial investments you want to make for a secure and happy future such as life insurance, ULIPs, etc. This can help you ensure that you have the best possible wedding without compromising or delaying the plans you have for your life.

Planning a wedding is extremely hard work and puts a lot of pressure on both families. Being able to eliminate additional sources of stress can make it much easier to plan ahead and enjoy the process while you are at it. After all, you don’t want to spend your wedding worried about the personal loan you took out to pay for it!

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