5 Bollywood classics that teach you to live life BEST


We in India, eat, breathe and sleep Bollywood. Our Bollywood movies have entertained us so much over the years. They have made us laugh, cry, angry, anxious, sing and most importantly, dance!  However much we criticise our movies, our good old industry has given us some movies and characters which have inspired us, made us fall in love and have also changed our thought process.

Let’s have a look at some these movies.

1. Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)


Jiyo, Khush Raho, Muskurao! Kya pata, Kal Ho Naa Ho! Aman was right, wasn’t he? All of us need to let go off our worries about the future and try to live in the moment. Aman just waltzed into our lives and taught us the most important lessons in life about love, life, family and friendship. He taught us that the true meaning of life is to be content with what we have and appreciate the company of people we have around us.

2. Zindagi Milegi Naa Dobara (2011)

Admit it; you wanted to be one of them, driving around Europe in that amazing car. The movie brought about a different kind of joy to your hearts. You learned that you should let go off your inner fears and be a little adventurous sometimes. It showed the importance of not letting go of the people you love because of your ego or pure miscommunication. In the end, it is the relationships we build over time, which matter the most rather than your bank balance or social status!

3. Dil Se (1998)

A.R. Rahman’s music in this romantic thriller must still give you goosebumps. The movie is about a radio jockey, who falls in love with a beautiful woman he meets during a road journey, who unfortunately turns out to be a suicide bomber. with the intentions to destroy a troop of the Indian Army. He expresses his love to her and embraces her just in time to detonate the bomb far away from the army. He showed us an example of true, unconditional and selfless love and also inspired us to be loyal towards our nation. Even after watching it a few times, the closing scene still breaks our hearts.

4. Udaan (2014)

The 17-year old Rohan, who was a victim of regular physical and verbal abuse by his father for the slightest of mistakes, inspired us with his courage and determination. This movie was heartbreaking but at the same time you were moved by it. It forced you to think about taking a solid step towards what you want from your life. It motivated you to quit thinking about others’ opinions and to fly high without any regrets.

5. Rang De Basanti (2006)

No other movie in recent times has been able to inspire the feeling of patriotism in youth like this one. The most inspiring aspect about the movie was the friendship shown among six friends. They laugh together, cry together, dance together, enjoy together and even die together, in an attempt to fight for justice for a soldier friend. The movie showed you the importance of realising your duties for the nation rather than just sitting and cribbing about the lack of infrastructure, the corruption, etc. It is only when you fulfil your fundamental duties, should you expect to have the fundamental rights.

Life is uncertain. Live to the fullest. Live in the moment. The more you stress about the future, the more you end up affecting your present adversely. Express your love for friends and family. If you work tirelessly in an attempt to secure the future of your loved ones, adopt smart ways like signing up for health and life insurance plans. Stop stressing, be happy, proactive and smart and remember to live to the fullest because Kal Ho Naa Ho!

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