4 Unusual but PRICELESS Lessons you can Learn from your Kids!

4 Unusual but PRICELESS Lessons you can Learn from your Kids!

Bursting with abandon and brimming over with curiosity, children can often be a force to reckon with. Their inherent need to explore the world around them and the ability to look at their surroundings through the lens of innocence and wonder often leads them to make interesting discoveries and ask questions that often leave adults speechless. Somewhere along the line, we lose our childlike rapture and learn to keep our heads down, focus on our tasks, and fill up our minds with our responsibilities instead of reckless adventures.
Once you have children, through them you begin getting glimpses of who you were at that age, and of course indulge in the nostalgia of fond, almost-forgotten memories as you watch your children create theirs.

List of things we learn from kids

Be curious

Children are curious, often to the point of wanting to get down to the bottom of any mystery they’re faced with. As an adult, curiosity must be cultivated, or rather, re-cultivated. Now, we’re not saying that it’s time to get your hands on everything you see on the ground or stick marbles up your nose to see what happens (you know what happens – you get to see a doctor), but a healthy sense of questioning the world around you can lead to wonders in your personal life and career.

 Love unconditionally

With children, love does not come with a million strings attached. They have open hearts, are trusting, and filled with love that they’re more than willing to share. A random hug or kiss from your child, while you’re working on something else, can leave you buzzing with happiness for the rest of the day. As adults, we need to spread the love just as well. Of course, this needs to be within its limits. There’s no need to trust strangers on the street or hug every colleague goodbye at the end of the day! But being more open to meeting people and being kinder, in general, is a great trait to have that will bring immense joy to the world and yourself. #RandomActsOfKindness

 Dream Big

When you ask a child what it wants to be when it grows up, you’ll hear words like an astronaut, princesses, and maybe even dragon slayer. When children think about the future, they don’t think about how hard they’ll have to study to join ISRO or NASA, they think about what it will be like to float amongst the stars and meet a few aliens along the way. As adults, we need to dream bigger. Often, no matter how ambitious we are, we’re also a bit too aware of the many things that can go wrong in our plans for our future and become overly cynical or jaded. This stops us from even trying to shoot for the stars! Yes, it is important to be wary of risks and know what can go wrong, but dwelling on them doesn’t eliminate their chances of occurring. It just drags you and your spirits down. The smartest thing to do is try to figure out a way of having a safety net for each risk that you identify so you can protect yourself and your loved ones! For instance, even though you’re running a business which is a risk- investing a certain amount of your hard-earned wealth in a sound ULIP will help you diversify your risk while giving you incredible returns and tax-free benefits.

 Be Proud of Your Scars

Live like a child

Have you ever seen children in a playground comparing their scrapes and cuts? The child with the biggest, most terrifying-looking injury is often the proudest, while those with the tiniest cuts are only on the fringes of cool. As adults, we berate ourselves harshly each time we fall. Our mistakes are just as important as our achievements. They have an equal hand in bringing us where we are in life and we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves for making them. While there’s no need to flaunt every bad decision you’ve made (Let’s leave that to our kids for now), there’s no need to mentally kick yourself every time you are reminded of them either.
Using these lessons and adding them to your daily comings and goings can only serve to enrich your life. After all, life is short and you don’t want to spend it being upset or doubting yourself every chance you get. Open up your mind and heart and live your life to the fullest. You’ll find that the sun shines brighter each morning, and your life is more positive and rich.

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