4 Surprising Things you’re probably doing everyday that will give you CANCER!

4 Surprising Things you’re probably doing everyday that will give you CANCER!

Of course, you are aware of the various unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating processed food, etc. that can cause cancer. However, you may be unaware of certain lesser-known reasons that may give you this dreaded disease in the future. Here’s where we come in and give you other ways to stay cancer-free and live a long, happy life!

4 Surprising Things you’re probably doing everyday that will give you CANCER!

  1. Taking Birth control pills

The invention of the birth control pill in the 1960’s changed the dynamics of sex. In the present culture, pre-marital sex has become common. Although the emphasis on safe and protective sex is for everyone including married couples. But what is to know is recent researchers have found that birth control pills lead to an increased risk of breast cancer and cancer of the cervix and liver. But fear not, there are various other methods of contraception you could explore if you’re worried. Condoms, diaphragms, et all.

2. Working the graveyard shift

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Young adults both men and women working night shifts as nurses, emergency dispatchers, call-centre employees, etc. face an increased risk of cancer. Women even working a minimum of 3 nights a month have a greater chance of being diagnosed with colorectal and breast cancer during their lives. According to a recent publication in the American Journal of Epidemiology, it has been found that men who work at night face a three time greater risk of cancer than men who maintain the typical hours.

Moreover, in India, many young adults resort to study in the daytime and work at night. If it is not possible to cut down on the night shifts, make sure to at least have sufficient sleep in the daytime in a darkened room.

3. Enjoying Breakfast: (Very) Hot tea, burnt toast and microwaved food

Many of us savour grilled and smoked meat or fish. As delicious as it might be it increases the risk of colon, stomach and pancreatic cancer by an extent. When protein-rich foods get burnt, the amino acids in the protein get converted to heterocyclic amines, which turn highly carcinogenic. This includes your favourite beverage in the world- tea, but of course if drunk at very hot temperatures (exceeding 65 degree Celsius).  So next time, someone offers you piping hot tea, tempting as it might be to start sipping, let it cool down for just a bit to a non-carcinogenic level.

4. Wearing Certain Cosmetics and Skin Creams

Zinc oxide, a typical ingredient in sunscreens is found to produce molecules known as free radicals that damage DNA and trigger the growth of cancerous cells. So, ensure you check the label in the sunscreen that you buy as there are certain brands that skip this ingredient. Wearing sub-standard cosmetics also leads to increased risk of skin cancer. So skip the sketchy bargain deals no matter how eye-catching the lip colour, and go for quality products only.

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While you should take every possible preventive measure to protect yourself from cancer, do bear in mind that there is no guarantee that it couldn’t strike you or a loved one. After all, Life is beautiful but not without its share of sorrows. We can only be prepared for the worst while making the best of any situation. A wise way of doing that is by purchasing a cancer policy so that even in case of such an event, at least one hassle (that of finances) is sorted so you can just focus on healing. After all, cancer isn’t just a life-threatening but also a very expensive disease.

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