4 Sureshot ways you and the wife can live life King-sized, absolutely credit card free!

4 Sureshot ways you and the wife can live life King-sized, absolutely credit card free!

Let’s face it; wouldn’t you want a Lamborghini Aventador (suave, stunning, and high speed) at the cost of a Nano? While that may be a farfetched idea, you can use these 4 approaches to ensure that you and your significant other live a much fuller life at a fraction of its actual cost –

1) Go Crazy on Discounts and Deals 

This is where being hawk eyed can really help you. We all want to buy the fancy stuff but their prices always induce the same effect on us – panic. Well here is an approach you can adopt – Keep a close watch on the stores/ websites offering discounts or having a sale. Stores or online shopping sites generally have all the year round discounts and even bigger offering sprees during major festivals or end of a season sales. Making purchases during these periods would be a good way to save money. So wait for the discount spree to start before you buy that 40 inch LCD TV to watch your favorite soccer/ cricket matches or a pair of red silhouettes for your dear wife (she won’t mind you leaving the toilet seat up for a week at least).

2) Pick Quality over Quantity

This is a line that has always stood the test of time. Whether you are at the grocery store or shopping for your wardrobe, this age old adage is always vindicated. It also makes sense to shop for quality products less frequently than go for quality more often. This way you will actually end up saving more as quality products tend to not only have longer shelf lives (your clothes will last longer) and well, are quality (an original iPhone is always better than a Chinese rip off).

An example – You could enjoy a nice meal at a fancy restaurant every once in a while by not splurging on fast food or takeout on a regular basis. Your health and pocket will thank you for it!

3) Plan out your Vacations Well

Most people splurge so much on accommodation and food that they don’t have enough to experience the others attractions of a tourist destination. Keep your accommodation and food expenditure below a certain limit so that you can spend on more memorable things like sightseeing and enjoying the local attractions. For instance, instead of choosing hotel accommodation; opt for a nice and cozy homestay that also offers food. Besides being a cheaper option and you can also experience the local culture from a closer perspective. This will also ensure that you and your wife will have a great time, and create wonderful and lasting memories as well as friends.

4) Be Wise

Spend money wisely not just on items of pleasure but also sensible things like investments, fixed deposits, insurance, etc. For instance, an insurance will ensure that your family’s financial needs are addressed, in the case of your untimely demise. It will also help with your future plans like going on a dream vacation, your child’s higher education or even buying a house – should you choose to invest in a ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) based product that combines investment with insurance. If you and your wife want a king sized life after your retirement, then opting for a pension pay out plan based insurance scheme would be good idea. To ensure that you get the highest value for your hard earned money, select a scheme only after going through all the details carefully (aim of the scheme, benefits, costs etc.). A thorough survey of the product will arm you with the required information to take the right decision.

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