4 Most Common Myths About Marriage

4 Most Common Myths About Marriage

There is no dearth of myths when it comes to marriage. Most of these are ingrained within us from our parents and friends. For instance, a very prevalent myth is the value of a relationship with “the one” which is often seen in romcom movies and TV sitcoms. Sometimes we inculcate it from our cultural background. For example, if you ever see your parents arguing to such an extent that they insult each other and end up in tears, you may have the notion that conflict is bad for any marriage as a whole.

What is problematic about these myths are that people start believing in them as real, which begins to have a larger impact in their current life. Therefore, it is very important to separate facts from myths when it comes to cherishing life’s most important partnership.

Look at the five most common myths surrounding marriage and the facts that bust them

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1. Myth: Your Spouse Would Automatically Understand What You Are Thinking And How To Make You Feel Better!

Fact: Your spouse is not a mind reader! Thus, it is very important for you to reach out to your partner and convey what exactly you feel and how you would like him/her to handle the situation.

Good communication is the secret behind every good marriage. It can resolve conflicts and altercations.  So, if you have a disagreement, do not just sit and wait for your partner to take the first step. Express what you feel and be as honest as you can be. Even God cannot help you if you cannot help yourself.  So, let go of the ego and start ‘talking’.

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2. Myth: Having Kids Improves A Marriage

Fact: Kids are great. However, you cannot treat them as tools to fix the loopholes in your marriage. While having kids will certainly enable you to understand your spouse better, they can also create a rift between you both. Partners often do not discuss parenting styles. Rather they argue about who is capable of taking better responsibility for their child’s welfare.

You should only have children when you think you are ready to be parents. Do not conform to any elderly family member telling you that kids can transform your bad marriage into a successful one.

affection, baby, baby girl3.  Myth: Talking About Finances Can Ruin A Marriage

Fact: Sharing finances with your spouse will not only strengthen your marriage but will also ensure that you have the support of another person while taking some of the most important decisions. Take an hour or two to discuss your respective financial goals. For instance, if you plan to finance your dream home by taking a home loan, make sure that at least one of you invests in a comprehensive life insurance policy. This is to ensure that the other one does not feel financially stranded with a crippling home loan if, God forbid, something tragic happens to the both of you.

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4. Myth: Married Couples Have To Do Everything Together.

Fact: As husband and wife, you can form a strong unit only when you are strong individuals with distinct personalities. Marriage does not mean giving up on your individuality. In fact, if you start compromising, your marriage starts to encounter a downward spiral.

Therefore, while spending time together is important for a healthy marriage, not focusing on your own interest may gradually result in developing resentment towards your partner. That you two have separate interests only signifies that your relationship is strong and loveable.

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So, instead of blindly following myths, work towards making your marriage a successful one and yours togetherness a journey of a lifetime.

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