4 Investment Opportunities that Will Help You Grow Your Wealth With Minimal Risk!

4 Investment Opportunities that Will Help You Grow Your Wealth With Minimal Risk

Investment becomes a rather essential financial endeavour as you take on more responsibilities and acquire wealth that needs to be multiplied and protected. However, you must understand that there lie a number of challenges to pursuing investments in any sphere. Every investment-oriented enterprise depends on a range of factors that are usually out of your hands and thus you must approach every opportunity with care and consideration. It is up to you to conduct extensive research and seek a wide range of advice on the particular kind of investment you are going for. The risk may be a predominant aspect of most investments but it also proves to be a gateway to high returns. So these are the low-risk investments you should look for if you are thinking of accruing wealth over time.

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Low-risk investment options

Money Market Mutual Funds

This particular type of investment strategy has been proven to be quite advantageous for low-income, first-time investors who are still figuring out whether they can rely on investments as a viable source of funds. You will be able to invest in low-risk securities that aim to retain your principal amount. The net asset value, also known as NAV, does not usually dip below one, so you can be sure that your capital amount is conserved. A few of the securities that help you balance your portfolio include bank certificates of deposits, commercial papers and repurchase agreements among others. Though the returns are known to be modest, they are certainly stable and will help you manage your capital.

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As a traditional symbol of class, power, and beauty, you may already be familiar with how the possession of gold has affected the course of history in more than many ways. Even if it might not feature at the forefront of everyday bank operations, it still plays a crucial role in global economic transactions. In this day and age of uncertainty and emergencies, gold has proven to be a more trusted wealth multiplier than the more common paper-denominated currencies. Gold stocks are also seen as valuable investment options for growth investors who seek to capitalize off the dividends —the returns on investment are often higher than for physical gold. Furthermore, Gold ETFs provide an electronic alternative to having gold; they enable you to monitor your investment value and offer better liquidity.

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Unit-Linked Insurance Plan

Insurance is already known to be a significant measure in planning for the future—an effective tool in securing your finances and protecting yourself against the risk of many forms. Similarly, this particular avenue lets you expand your wealth as you seek to insure your life and health. Under this single comprehensive plan, you will be able to put money away into a fund of your choosing. Each fund holds a particular risk and return value so you will be able to make an informed decision when investing in a ULIP. Your return will be calculated by the value of the fund as well as the daily unit price of the fund, which will be derived by the state of stocks and bonds in the capital markets.

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Real Estate

Although this has always been a safe choice for Indian investors, it has really rocketed over the last couple of years in terms of popularity, returns, and general fulfilment. Investing in real estate properties requires a large capital amount but it also promises to bring in a constant income for a long time. As part of the increase in property values, especially in metropolitan cities that seem to get more and more expensive, you will also be able to charge high rental rates. You will also be entitled to a number of tax benefits such as those associated with insurance, property depreciation and maintenance fees. All of these benefits also add up over time so there are indeed numerous benefits to wanting to invest in real estate.

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By carefully assessing where you fare as an investor and where your goals for investing lie, you will be able to access a wide range of investment options. These are not only set to make your future more secure but also allow you to dream big every day.

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