4 Films That Perfectly Describe Life In Your 20s

4 Films That Perfectly Describe Life In Your 20s

The 20s are a very intriguing phase of your life. Most of you have finished your education and are now looking at choosing a career and have also possibly fallen in love or out of it by now. This is usually a very tumultuous period of life as you are faced with a number of choices that would shape the rest of your life, not to mention all the responsibilities that come with you becoming a grownup. If you are seeking guidance on how to go through this difficult time of your life, you may look at some movies for inspiration.

While movies have always been an important mode of entertainment in our lives, some movies have served to impart valuable life lessons along with entertainment. Here are 4 movies which show the various ups and downs of coming of age, continue to inspire us to do better and become a better version of ourselves, and are a must-watch if you are in your 20s.

4 Movies which perfectly describe life in the 20s

Dil Chahta Hai

This 2001 Bollywood movie that marked the directorial debut of the multi-talented Farhan Akhtar shows the lives of three close friends, Akash, Sameer and Sid, who have just completed college. They are virtually inseparable in spite of their vastly different approaches to life and love. The movie deals with a very common theme of the 20s, love and friendship, and highlights the importance of both. Also, it has portrayed the much dreamed and talked about a vacation with friends, and that unforgettable reconciliation scene between Akash and Sid, who had drifted apart a long time ago.

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 Wake Up Sid

This is one of the best coming-of-age movies to have ever come out of Bollywood. The film follows a 20-year old rick slacker kid called Siddharth aka Sid who goes about life bunking classes, partying with friends, buying the coolest clothes and the trendiest computer games. He gets a reality check when he fails to clear his final year exams, and as a result, gets thrown out of the house. During this turbulent period, he comes across a strong, independent woman who acts as a transformative agent in his life. After meeting her, his approach to life starts to change. He realizes the importance of work and how even responsibilities can make you happy when you get to share them with the right person.

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A film that taught all of us to not let absolutely anything pull us down, Queen will always be remembered as the triumphant symbol of women empowerment that we all need. When Rani gets dumped by her fiancé a day before their wedding, she sets off on her pre-planned honeymoon abroad, all alone. What follows is a series of adventures that help Rani find liberation at every street corner and ultimately helps her to discover and embrace her true self. She returns to her old life with confidence, self-belief and self-respect, the three ingredients needed to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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 Good Will Hunting

This Hollywood classic, that made Matt Damon and Ben Affleck the apples of everyone’s eyes, dealt with sensitive issues of child abuse and negligence resulting in chronic depression, lack of self-belief and violent outbursts after the said child grows up. Will overcomes all these issues after having multiple sessions with the charming psychiatrist Sean Maguire, played by a brilliant Robin Williams. This film shines a light on a number of mental health issues that are unfortunately still not acknowledged by the Indian society at large. The 20s can be a very challenging phase of life, what with changing dynamics across both professional and personal spheres and can thus result in mild to severe mental health problems.

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All these movies are united by a common theme – all of them show the need to ditch old impractical mindsets and embrace the challenge of something new. As mentioned above, the 20s are a time of change and a time to build a solid foundation, both in terms of finances (don’t forget to get a health insurance plan) and life in general. A foundation that can catapult your life to the success and happiness it deserves.

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