4 DEADLY (and common) Diseases Urban Indians Suffer From

4 DEADLY (and common) Diseases Urban Indians Suffer From

When it comes to deadly diseases, somehow all of us in our 20s have this false sense of security that relates directly to our age. Being somewhere in our 20s and living in urban cities makes us fully aware of all the things we’re doing right when it comes to our health.  However, while we’ve got some of the basics of staying fit and healthy down pat, there are a ton of things out of our control that can still make us fall sick (like, really sick). Here are some deadly yet super common diseases that urban Indians in their 20s suffer from:

1. Asthma

As pollution levels continue to rise, more and more urban Indians find themselves struggling to breathe. Asthma is a pretty common respiratory disease that makes the airways inflamed and narrow, making it hard to inhale and exhale. The disease can be fatal. With occurences like the Delhi Smog and even other Indian cities not far behind on the WHO’s world most polluted cities list- respiratory conditions are unsurprisingly plaguing Indians more than ever. In fact, India has been noted as the country with the maximum pollution-related deaths at a whopping 2.5 million fatalties a year in 2017!

2. Cancer

The C word – we’re all terrified of it and, unfortunately, we’re all too susceptible to it. There are so many different types of Cancer and preventing some of them can be totally out of our control. If we go back to the point about pollution rising day by day, the likelihood of developing lung cancer is much higher than it was years ago, even if you’re not a smoker. Similarly, as urban professionals, we are more likely to be prone to eating out, and sometimes eating really unhealthily, increasing our chances of getting stomach or liver cancer. Though we often imagine older people suffering from this disease in our heads in an attempt to console ourselves, it’s not something that can’t happen to younger people. Infact the World Health Organization cites the rising incidence of Cancer in the 20s age demographic as an alarming issue.

3. Diabetes

Often hereditary, Diabetes is a disease that wreaks havoc on your blood sugar level and insulin production and can be extremely deadly. With a whopping 70 million diabetics currently –a number that is estimated to shoot up to 120 million in the next 2 decades according to Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH)- India is justifiably dubbed the “Diabetes Capital of the World” a title conferred not just due to various lifestyle risk factors such as stress, unhealthy eating, etc.- but also our genetic predisposition as Indians to this killer disease. Even more shocking- in 50% of adult deaths in India- Diabetes has a major underlying role.

4. Heart disease

Heart disease is also connected strongly with your diet, however it is made worse with stress and the pressures we face in the work place. Here’s the thing, if we’re being totally realistic, we know that no one really has the time to count their calories and measure out each meal accordingly. Which is why we consume more calories than we burn, leaving our bodies with high triglycerides, hardened arteries, and a heart that’s as over-worked and stressed out as you are. More and more 20-somethings have begun succumbing to cardiac problems, so if you think your young age was sheltering you, you thought wrong.
There are a myriad of diseases that can strike at any time, stranding you and your loved ones in a hard place. Even the ones that you never imagine would happen to you! Therefore, it always pays to be ready, even if you’re the poster child for health and haven’t had a single cold in your life. Also, if this is the case, it is better to explore investing in Health Insurance now as your premiums would be significantly lower than later. Having a look at health insurance policies can let you gauge the kinds of coverage you need and the premiums that you can expect and afford at this stage in your life.

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