4 Crucial Reasons you need to make friends at your new workplace NOW and super-easy ways to do it!

4 Crucial Reasons you need to make friends at your new workplace NOW and super-easy ways to do it!

As humans our social fabric is weaved through work. Considering the length of time we spend in our offices, coupled with all that impulsive meetings and spontaneous overtimes, having the right colleagues and friends at work is not just a nice-to-have but also a must-have. We see these people every day. We share common organizational if not team goals and as such get to know them in ways that even their relations or significant others do not. Such friendships bring about general social goodness.  The following are 4 reasons why friends at workplace are good for both your personal (heart) and professional (mind) life.

1) It simply makes you happier


Now, researches show that work friends generally tend to make people happier. Also when friends are at work, it is much more fulfilling. Being around people whose company you enjoy makes life more real and immersive. Recreational chai, a brief walk, impulsive conversations and working in tandem makes you feel much more engaged and sociable. Your opinions and feelings are heard among people who will not scrutinize you for who you are.

The ‘do my work and leave for home’ might work for the short term but in longer-term you will benefit more with people you like. Because happy people are productive people.

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2) Strange and unique individuals


Workplaces have their truly own culture. With a rich play of social norms, intricate histories, attitudes and vocabulary every office are like a unique organism of its own. With a wide array of skills, emotions and disciplines devoted to achieving some determined goals you tend to learn both on the job and outside. Being exposed to lots of characters around, one tends to take traits and habits to form them. If travelling is education, so is a good company.

Like in Forest Gump, “my mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’re going to get. “ Or in this case who. So much the better for your interpersonal and team skills!

3) Comparing notes on work. And more.

Competition and comparison among peers and colleagues help make both you and them sharper and more competent. When exposed among efficient and hard-working people, you tend to imbibe a lot of their habits and practices as well. Working and engaging among people from various fields helps free flow of ideas and matter. You get to learn entirely new things or learn new ways of doing previous things better.

The people at marketing may teach you smartness and creativity. The management may teach you effective communication and oration. Folks in the finance team might throw light on the importance of buying or investing in financial products right away, that you thought weren’t needed currently- such as life insurance. In fact, even bonding with colleagues from various departments but of the same age and at similar stages in life can help you get better at financial planning.

4) Work friends are the optimal social option

When you are trying to work your way up the ladder, striking a balance between work and life can be difficult. With increasing work pressure and consequent hours, and organizations trying to cram more work than normally possible, work friends remind us that work pressure is natural and there is more to be engaged at than just the pile of papers on the desk.

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