3 things you should do for your mom if you truly love her!

3 things you should do for your mom if you truly love her!

1. Spend QUALITY Time with Her.

The pressure of workload and our busy schedules leave us with little time and energy to be with our loved ones. From getting up early in the morning to whipping up a delicious breakfast (those yummy aloo paranthas!!) to guiding us through this maze called life; mothers are the real superheroes in our lives. Sometimes all she wants in return is that you spend some quality time with her.
Even if you have a really busy life, there are ways in which you can distribute time between your family and your work. When at home, try to have dinner/lunch or breakfast with your family. If it takes 20-30 minutes for you to eat, set aside that much time for your family instead of cooped up in your room, checking your phone/tablet or settling down in front of the television with your plate of food. You could take your mom on a date to the movies or dinner. Taking her out for shopping can also bring a smile on her face. If you live away from home because of work, do make an effort to talk to her on the phone or video chat with her for even a few minutes each day. The positivity, love, support, and caring you’d feel through that would benefit you in unimaginable ways!
If you feel that the two of you agree to disagree, make a conscious, slow yet steady effort to work out your differences. You could even explore the option of setting aside your differences through counseling sessions.

2. Appreciate her efforts in a heartfelt, consistent, and vocal way!

Our busy lives do not always give us the time to appreciate the efforts of those who love us (unconditionally) in big ways. A simple thank you may not always suffice for the sacrifices of our mothers but this surely is one small way to show that her effort has been appreciated. So, for starters, begin by saying thank you, every day. Some of the more practical ways by which you can show your love, appreciation, and concern are through action and not just words. Take her out, accompany her on doctor visits, make appropriate financial investments such as gold, life insurance, etc for her.

3. Surprise her in ways she would love!

Surprising the loved people in your life are one of the best things that you can do to brighten their day. It doesn’t even have to be too major, big or expensive! Surprise your mother by spontaneous acts of love like buying her a dress that she liked during one of her window shopping moments or bringing her breakfast in bed. (even if it isn’t Mother’s Day!) Acts like these will make her happy and make your bond with her stronger. She will appreciate small but daily acts of kindness so much more than one gesture no matter how grand!

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