3 Scenarios in which HDFC Life Insurance isn’t just a nice to have but a MUST HAVE for you

3 Scenarios in which HDFC Life Insurance isn’t just a nice to have but a MUST HAVE for you

Squirrels, unlike most other animals, exhibit a behavior of hoarding food. They generally live in burrows on trees, which is also their hoarding (yes just like your neighborhood grocer) place. What are the squirrels doing? They are simply INSURING their food supply, their primary life source. Like the squirrels, wouldn’t it be in everyone’s interest that start insuring things that matter to you the most. And what is it that matters to you most? Your life! (Nothing else)

Does this mean you have to insure your life? Definitely. Your wife and children will thank you for it. Why? Because our time in this planet is limited (scientists have not yet come up with a “cheating death” drink). What will happen to your family’s finances should you pass away in an untimely manner? How will your wife pay the bills? How will your children pay their tuition fees?

The answer to all of these questions are smart financial planningLife insurance forms an integral part of any smart financial plan. HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plan is one such life insurance scheme that allows you to address your family’s financial needs by a two pronged approach – investment and insurance.

The plan is a complete life insurance scheme, given that it offers nine great options to choose depending upon your requirements – Income option, Life option, Extra Life option, 3D Life option, Income Replacement option, Extra Life Income option, Return of Premium option, 3D Life Long Protection Option and Life Long Protection Option. What makes this plan great? Consider this 3 scenarios –

3 Scenarios in which HDFC Life Insurance isn’t just a nice to have but a MUST HAVE for you

1) Your child’s education expenses 

As a parent you don’t want anything to obstruct your children’s success. And what is one of the major factors in your child’s success story? Education! A good education means a good foundation on which your child can build his/her dreams. In this scenario, when you are no longer around (especially if you are the sole breadwinner) to cover the education expenses, things can go south.

How can we help?

The HDFC Click 2 Protect, in addition to a lump sum amount, can also ensure that your wife receives a steady income in your absence. The options Income option, Income Replacement option and Extra Life Income option are perfect for these scenarios. All of these plans include a monthly payment to the nominee with/ without a lump sum amount.

2) Paying Utility bills

Electricity, gas, rent etc. are bills that your wife will have to make room for once you are gone. With most of these costs rising over the years, it can be a major headache for your spouse in your absence. HDFC Click 2 Protect can ensure that your family does not face any hiccups when it comes to paying bills.

How can we help?

The HDFC Click 2 Protect plan can ensure a steady of money in your absence. You can opt from any of the 9 options depending on your specific need. The scheme can ensure that, even with you not around to take care of the finances anymore, your family will can use the money accrued from the policy be used to pay the bills in an easy manner.

3) Unpaid debts


If you have taken loans such as home loan or personal loan, investing in an insurance plan becomes all the more necessary. In the event of an untimely demise, any unpaid debt can be a major problem for your family. This is especially true if you have mortgaged your house as collateral. The lender in this case will have the right to seize the house.

How can we help?

HDFC Click 2 Life is a safe option for you to cushion your family from any such impacts. The policy ensures that your nominee will be paid a lump sum amount in the event of your passing away. Your spouse can use this amount to settle any unpaid debts, should the situation arise.

Conclusion –

Based on the above scenarios, we can safely conclude that HDFC Click 2 Protect Plan will be a potent tool in your arsenal. With multiple options to choose from in terms of customization, this plan ensures that it can meet all your insurance needs. Don’t wait! Pick up the phone and call your financial adviser now.

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