3 Bolly Flicks that give you the PERFECT ingredients for a Happy Marriage!

3 Bolly Flicks that give you the PERFECT ingredients for a Happy Marriage!

The first year of your marriage can often be filled with turmoil. The process of adjustment along with the sudden onslaught of unexpected responsibilities can drive a wedge between couples no mater how much they’re in love or how “ready” they are for marriage. This resentment often lingers on and slips into the subsequent years of marriage as well.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on strengthening your foundation during this year so that you can have the perfect marriage for all the years to come.

What better medium to take inspiration from than Bollywood? Since the time of our grandparents, the Hindi film industry has shaped the way we court our loved ones and influenced our expectations from relationships. Therefore, it only makes sense to look to the same medium for advice on building the perfect marriage. Here are 3 Bollywood flicks that practice what the most experienced and best of marriage experts preach:

3 Bolly Flicks that give you the PERFECT ingredients for a Happy Marriage!

1. Baar Baar Dekho

Bollywood Blockbuster lesson: Quality time

Box office success aside, Baar Baar Dekho had an important message to deliver to all newlyweds. The story centers on Jai Verma, a Vedic Mathematician, who travels to the future on the eve of his wedding to discover that his marriage is in shambles. As an ambitious and hardworking individual (like yourself), Jai sacrifices everything for his career and loses his family in the process. According to this movie, the perfect ingredient for a happy marriage is investing quality time in it, and we couldn’t agree more!

2. Monsoon Wedding

Bollywood Blockbuster Lesson: Understanding and acceptance
Monsoon Wedding is the story of an arranged marriage set in Delhi. Aditi, the protagonist, is a young urban woman deeply in love with a married man and all set to be wed off to someone she hasn’t met, Hemant Rai. As the film progresses, she learns to let go of her apprehensions and eventually opens up to the idea of Hemant. She tells him all about her affair, and he, in a true display of understanding and modern chivalry, takes her for who she is. The couple then gets to know each other and slowly begins to fall in love as they get married. According to this movie, the perfect ingredient for a happy marriage is the ability to understand your partner for who they are including their flaws and accepting that everyone has their own baggage, expectations, and personalities.

3. Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Bollywood Blockbuster Lesson: Nurture your wife’s dreams
Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya is a story about a young business owner named Badrinath from Jhansi. Although he belongs to a wealthy business family, the roots of their thought process and decision making lie in not such progressive values, including archaic ideas about whether or not women should work or pursue their interests. Badri falls in love with Vaidehi, who agrees to marry him after he woos her but then runs away on their wedding day. Though Vaidehi loves Badri, she loves herself just as much and wants to give herself the chance to pursue her dream of being an air hostess. After excelling in her course, she moves to Singapore and is followed by Badri, who then takes out the time to understand her lifestyle and desires. In the end, there’s a dramatic show-down between him and his father in a clash of values and the generational gap. The lesson we learn from this movie is that the women we love need to be able to love themselves for them to be truly happy (as is the case with everyone out there). Letting your spouse explore her dreams and ideas can let her blossom into the woman she is meant to be. Conversely, curbing her enthusiasms and asking her to stay at home (when she doesn’t want to) can only plant seeds of bitterness and anger that will bloom throughout the course of your marriage.

In order to be a true partner to our spouses, we must be able to fulfill their desires and understand them. This means taking out time to nurture your relationship, understanding her personality, and being able to support her dreams and ambitions the way you support your own. All it takes is a few acts of kindness and compassion to ensure that your marriage is one that is successful and happy.

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