3 Awful Truths About Life That EVERY 20-Something, Unmarried Woman Needs To Be Prepared For!

Awful Truth No. 1- You are on your own

Be happy!Once you are in your 20’s , it’s time to stop relying on your parents for everything. Of course they’ll always be a great support system to you, but you also have to realise that you’re an adult who has to take accountability for her actions now. You will make a plethora of mistakes and that’s OK as long as you own up to them and learn from them. But it is definitely time to break away. Be independent. Earn your own living. Figure out life for yourself.

Awful Truth No. 2- Only Death and Taxes are certain in life.

Death is such an uncertain aspect of life that it may even strike someone who is in their 20s. You never know when your time may come but you can surely prepare for it by taking action in the present. People who are unmarried and financially independent often overlook the importance of buying a life insurance policy plan because they think that they do not need it as it is common to have delusions of immortality. Upon your untimely demise the life insurance would be paid to the beneficiary. Life insurance is of two kinds; one is a term insurance which looks after the needs of your beneficiary for a fixed amount of time. The other is the permanent insurance plan which though a little expensive promises lifelong security of your loved ones. By purchasing a life insurance not only are you looking after the needs of your loved ones if you pass away but your loved ones can also pay off some of your debts from the money they receive. Your brother/sister/adopted child (if you have any) may utilize that money for his/her higher education, your parents may need the money to their pay medical bills or pay off a loan that they took a few years back. Besides, it’s a wise investment to make for young, single women in their 20s as the premium at which they can avail of the insurance is quite low as compared to at a later stage.

Awful Truth No. 3- Your Health May Falter

People who are unmarried/single, independent and also living alone have in most cases no one to look after them. You tend to skip meals because you do not have the time or energy to prepare it and you don’t give your illnesses their due importance. This way slowly but surely your health will start to falter. Studies have shown that living alone spikes the mortality risk by 29%-32%. Your health should be of utmost importance not only for you but also for your loved ones. Better health would ensure more productivity in the workplace and an increased chance to outshine your peers. Take wise yet practical steps.

How can you stay ahead in the game?

Get routine medical check-ups done. Cut down on eating out and focus more on having home-cooked meals that are wholesome, nutritious and healthy. Keep small snacks with you like energy bars, a packet of peanuts, a piece of fruit or a whole-grain vegetable sandwich. Keep having small portions of food every 2-3 hours. This will make you will feel less lethargic at work and less hungry at the end of the day thus preventing any chance of binge-eating. Keep aside 30-60 minutes every day to do bit of exercise in the form of yoga, stretching, weight-lifting, cardio or jog/walk.

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