3 aspects of your health that you have no control over

3 aspects of your health that you have no control over

Your health is the most important asset you have. If it deteriorates, not only can it affect your standard of living, but it can also take a huge toll on your mental wellbeing. As tech savvy individuals, we are accustomed to gleaning a ton of information from the internet. Literally all questions can be answered with a few simple clicks. Therefore, when it comes to most issues of health and fitness, we know what works and what doesn’t. Many of us indulge in healthy diets and have personalized fitness regimes. In that sense, we are all doing what we can to keep our bodies free of anything that might affect our health.
However, no matter how hard you try, there are certain aspects of your health that you just cannot control. Some of these are as follows:

3 aspects of your health that you have no control over

1. Your mental health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, if not more. It is essential to prioritize your mental wellbeing. However, the state it is in is usually out of our control. As your hormones and enzymes fluctuate naturally (or due to a diet related issue), you can come down with a host of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. Many of them also present physical symptoms such as exhaustion, inability to sleep (or, conversely, sleeping too much), and weight gain or loss (depending on your body and its metabolism). Though we cannot control it, it is a vital part of our wellbeing and needs to be taken care of. Sometimes, small steps like regulating your sleep timings and ensuring that you are eating well can play a huge role in keeping your mental health at its best.

2. Your digestive health

Whether you only eat organic vegetarian food or are accustomed to a meaty diet, there’s one thing that is always out of your control and that’s the state of your digestion. The smallest changes in your diet, or the slightest abnormality, can reflect in your digestive system. These changes are often ones that we cannot really control and therefore, no one can ever predict how smooth their digestion will be. When digestion is abnormal for an extended time period, it can lead to a host of problems in your GI such as ulcers, the inability to absorb nutrition properly, muscular tension, and so on. These can lead to many problems in the future and some of them may require surgery to treat them. That means high expenses and discomfort!

3. Your cardiac health

Often, as people who are aware of the many dangers of cardiovascular disease, we do all we can to avoid it. We may have the safest oils in our food, enjoy a diet of only healthy and balanced meals, and even exercise on a regular basis. However, sometimes that is not enough. With high pressure work environments comes stress and high blood pressure, which contribute to a host of cardiovascular problems. Heart attack, stroke, and clogged arteries, are only some of the problems that one can develop because of a hectic and stressful lifestyle. Ultimately, at the end of the day, you cannot predict whether or not you are likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. This is especially true if your family has a history of these diseases.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we may try to lead a healthy lifestyle, environmental factors can often lead to many health problems. While you may live in a well-developed city that has all the amenities you may need to get treated and get better, the bigger problem is often the financial side of things. Investing in health insurance is certainly the best way to plan for uncertain futures and ensure that when it comes to your health or the health of your family, there are no compromises being made.

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