10 Salient Benefits of Travel Insurance Policies When Travelling with Children

travel insurance policies

Running into some unforeseen circumstances while travelling with your family can be really painstaking. What’s more, if your children are involved in the suffering, it doubles the burden on your shoulder. One mistake can quickly escalate to a nightmare unless you do something to prevent it before you set sail on your journey.

One of the most unconquerable problems with children these days is having them adapt to new environments. Most children are brought up in the safe haven of a home, school, or club; and it’s important to note that these places are rather safe from external environmental impurities and pollution. So, it can be conjectured to a certain point of accuracy that this detachment from natural elements adjusts their immune system to their urban environment. Consequently, exposure to new environments can make them vulnerable to diseases, infections, and allergies. Enough mumbo jumbo! Let’s look at a few cases.

Benefits of travel insurance for when you are travelling with children

Internal physical harm

Internal physical harm may pose serious threats to your children’s health. Moreover, it can jeopardise your travel plans with family. Securing a family plan from a well-known insurer will give you the fighting chance to safeguard your child’s health without incurring financial damage.

travel insurance policies

It helps to bear in mind that medical expenses vary from country to country, and that will affect your travel insurance premium (if your travel insurance policies cover medical costs). For example, hospitalisation and medical care in any United States medical facility or nursing home cost much more than anywhere else in the world. Depending on your travel destination, your travel insurance will lay out different plans and premiums.

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External physical damage

Aside from allaying fear of, say, food poisoning, there’s one more type of physical uncertainty — external physical damage. This is especially common if you’re into adventure sports such as rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, and sports alike. Some light and non-threatening sports may be covered under travel insurance policies for higher premiums, while most aren’t.

travel insurance policies

So, you need to keep in mind to exercise extreme precaution if you’re travelling to any of these places with family. Because in all likelihood, a medical evacuation may be denied by the insurance company if you fail to meet their criteria. With that out of the way, it is safe to say that even the beaches of Bali (an Indonesian popular tourist spot) can be dangerous if one ventures into carelessness.

Travel insurance policies cover accidental drowning too, but avoiding such trouble to the best of your ability is the best solution. So, ask your child to not be too adventurous in the water.

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Losing personal documents

Let’s consider the case of Mr Prakash. Mr Prakash has been backpacking for a vacation to Europe with his family for quite some time. Upon arrival at the resort, he wanted to indulge into a peaceful evening cooldown, unencumbered by the hustle and bustle of daily life. But his glorious plan got sabotaged when his passport, along with some other valuable documents, got snitched on the way to the resort. This small unfortunate event ended up disrupting the entire trip and everyone suffered the consequences.

travel insurance policies

Mr Prakash’s case is not a unique one. It has happened to others before and can happen to you too. But don’t hit the panic button just yet! Travel insurance companies protect tourists from such mishaps, provided that they have straightened out the scope and conditions of their travel insurance policies at the time of purchase.

Also, it’s a good practice to keep valuable documents on your person. With a reliable travel insurance policy for your documents, you can now kick back and enjoy the rest of the long-awaited evening with your family.


Having a full travel insurance policy not only promises a safe stay but also makes you a reliable travel companion for your family or your group.

That said, it helps to bear in mind that there’s no greater virtue than being prudent. So, invest a percentage of your budget in ensuring a comfortable stay and a safe and sound return instead of making yourself vulnerable to accidental financially crippling events.

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